Monitoring Accesses To Structures

Finding the writers and reader of memory

Have you ever tried to discover what functions read or write on a portion of memory?

Hardware Debug Registers have limitations, we only have four debug registers and these debug registers have a limitation on size (4, 2, 1).

Imagine the nt!_EPROCESS of a process is located at 0xffff83811f265040 and at the current version of Windows, the size of the nt!_EPROCESS is 0xa40. We can conclude that this structure starts from 0xffff83811f265040 to 0xffff83811f265040 + 0xa40 = 0xffff83811f265a80.

If we want to break on any read/write to this structure, we use the following command.

HyperDbg> !monitor rw 0xffff83811f265040 0xffff83811f265a80

If we want to create a log from RIP(s) that tries to write on nt!_EPROCESS of that special process.

HyperDbg> !monitor w 0xffff83811f265040 0xffff83811f265a80 script { print($ip); }

If we want to monitor RIP(s) for reading (not writing), we use the following command.

HyperDbg> !monitor r 0xffff83811f265040 0xffff83811f265a80 script { print($ip); }

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