Debugger Internals

Learn more, how we designed HyperDbg
HyperDbg is designed based on Hypervisor From Scratch tutorial.
It's a hypervisor plus some other processor features exported to user-mode to make debugging applications and the kernel possible.


Here is the link to these parts:

Part 1 - Basic Concepts & Configure Testing Environment

Part 2 - Entering VMX Operation

Part 3 - Setting up Our First Virtual Machine

Part 4 - Address Translation Using Extended Page Table (EPT)

Part 5 - Setting up VMCS & Running Guest Code

Part 6 - Virtualizing An Already Running System

Part 7 - Using EPT & Page-Level Monitoring Features

Part 8 - How To Do Magic With Hypervisor!

HyperDbg Source Code

You can see the source code for these series on GitHub.

HyperDbg Design

Here's a diagram that shows how HyperDbg works!