Showing & Modifying Registers and Flags

Using the 'r' command

You can view and modify registers only in Debugger Mode. It's possible to use the 'r' command. HyperDbg supports a wide list of registers and also supports viewing and modifying each flag separately.

A list of supported registers is available here.

If you want to read all the registers, use the following command.

0: kHyperDbg> r
RAX=ffff948cc1902d40 RBX=ffff948cbfefb520 RCX=0000000000000022
RDX=0000000000000000 RSI=0000000000000000 RDI=ffff948cc00c30e0
RIP=fffff80168d91312 RSP=ffff930548474688 RBP=0000000000000002
R8=0000000000000000  R9=0000000000000000  R10=0000000048564653
R11=0000564d43414c4c R12=4e4f485950455256 R13=0000000000000000
R14=ffff948cc00c30e0 R15=ffff948cc19bfe10 IOPL=00
OF 0  DF 0  IF 1  SF  0
ZF 1  PF 1  CF 0  AXF 0
CS 0010 SS 0018 DS 002b ES 002b FS 0053 GS 002b

If you want to read a special register, use its name after the 'r' command.

0: kHyperDbg> r @rax

0: kHyperDbg> r @rip

Also, you can modify the value of a register by using '=' and setting it to a hex value.

0: kHyperDbg> r @rax = 55

0: kHyperDbg> r @rax

It's also possible to modify each flag of the RFLAGS.

0: kHyperDbg> r @cf

0: kHyperDbg> r @cf = 1

0: kHyperDbg> r @cf

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