Quick Start
A brief overview of how to start with HyperDbg

Starting with HyperDbg

First of all, you should know about different Operation Modes and Prerequisites in HyperDbg.
If you want to build HyperDbg, follow the steps in the links below; you can also download compiled binaries instead of building HyperDbg.
After that, you need to attach to an instance of HyperDbg.
Finally, you can see many examples provided in the following link to use HyperDbg.
Debugging examples:
HyperDbg Documentation
Script engine examples:
HyperDbg Documentation
Done! You successfully used HyperDbg Debugger.

List of HyperDbg Commands

Scripting Language

More advanced topics...

If you want to see more advanced topics about HyperDbg.

Things to consider when using HyperDbg

Miscellaneous topics...

If you want to participate in HyperDbg

You can also follow the contribution guide.

Any other questions

If you have any other questions, then it's probably addressed in the FAQ section. If your question remained unanswered or your problem is unsolved, then you can create an issue.
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