Run HyperDbg on Hyper-V

How to run HyperDbg on Hyper-V nested-virtualization?

Hyper-V has an unknown problem with HyperDbg and HyperDbg-style hypervisors. You might encounter unknown errors. We left it for future support.

In order to run HyperDbg on Hyper-V, you should enable nested-virtualization on it.

For Hyper-V, we can enable nested-virtualization for the target virtual machine by running the following command on Powershell:

Set-VMProcessor -VMName PutYourVmNameHere -ExposeVirtualizationExtensions $true

Note that instead of PutYourVmNameHere, put the name of your virtual machine that you want to enable nested virtualization for it.

And if you need to disable it, you can run:

Set-VMProcessor -VMName PutYourVmNameHere -ExposeVirtualizationExtensions $false

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