Description of the 'spinlock_lock_custom_wait' function in HyperDbg Scripts




spinlock_lock_custom_wait( *Variable, Expression );


[*Variable (Lock)]

A reference to a variable (most of the time a global variable), used as a lock.


A MASM-like expression to evaluate which is the maximum waiting check for the spinlock to re-check the lock.

By default in spinlock_lock, the maximum waiting check is 65536.


Locks the spinlock referred to by lock and also uses the maximum waiting check to re-check the lock. The lock can be unlocked by spinlock_unlock.

Return value



First of all, you should define a global variable and assign zero to it (unlocked state).

? .my_lock = 0;

Then, you can use it like this:

spinlock_lock_custom_wait(&.my_lock, 500);

The above example locks the spinlock of a global variable (lock) which is called .my_lock. It uses 500 as the maximum waiting check. Note that you should use the unary operator & to pass a reference of the global variable to this function.


If your lock needs to be checked more frequently, you should specify a lower value as the second argument. However, it's not a power-efficient approach, but it gives you a more real-time spinlock. If you give a number higher than 65536, it takes longer to re-check the lock by the processor.

It's actually the number of times which the PAUSE instruction is executed.



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